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    Lubbock, TX, 79409, United States
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    In-State Undergrad: $7,517
    Out-of-State Undergrad: $16,013
    In-State Graduate: $6,991
    Out-of-State Graduate: $13,363
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Texas Tech University

College of Architecture

The College of Architecture educates students for future design practice and advances knowledge of the discipline for the benefit of society.


Texas Tech University is composed of twelve colleges. Architectural studies have been offered on the campus since 1927. In 1996, the College of Architecture became the first national institution to offer a five-year Master of Architecture first professional degree. Campus resources include: the Museum, Ranching Heritage Center, Library including The Southwest Collection and the Vietnam archives. The College of Architecture has a branch library with a collection totaling over 30,000 volumes.

School Philosophy

The College will be an international learning community; engaging in exemplary architectural teaching, research, scholarship, creative endeavor, and service. The College of Architecture will: educate its students for effective practice in architecture; supplement sound training by nurturing the whole person within an understanding of architecture as a broad humanistic and scientific discipline; produce leaders able to meet the demands of a changing profession and whose technical skills will be complemented by personal vision, ethical persuasiveness and entrepreneurial drive.


Those students not admitted, or choosing not to proceed to the Master of Architecture program, may elect to complete the required undergraduate credits and receive the Bachelor of Science in Architecture non-professional degree. The 4-year B.S. Arch. consists of 131 credit-hours at the undergraduate level. This degree gives students knowledge and opportunities in the development of the building industry and related fields, as well as the possibility to continue in graduate education. The Master of Architecture requires an additional 27-credit hours. Requirements for this program include completion of all academic course work in the first three years and a threshold score on the Admission Criteria Rating System. The threshold score is based on a sliding scale of GRE, GPA and portfolio scores. The Master of Science is a 38-credit hour graduate degree focused on research and specialization in three different focus areas: Historic Preservation, Visualization and Community Development.c

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  • History, Theory, Criticism
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