2023 Study Architecture Student Showcase - Part XXXI

Part XXXI of the Study Architecture 2023 Student Showcase features a project that draws inspiration from the television show Transformers. This project uses its source material to envision how multiple entities can combine into one singular structure.

Archimorphs by Ryan Del Poso, B.Arch ‘23
Woodbury University | Advisor: Cody Miner

Archimorphs contextualize the city around them. By resourcing its form from its context, it reconfigures building forms in unconventional but exciting new ways. It was inspired by the TV show Transformers, in how multiple Transformers can combine into one single entity. Filmicron is a film production studio that reimagines the way typical film studios can be configured in a way that is exciting and reflects the nature of these spaces.

This project won the Degree Projects Merit Thesis Award.

Instagram: @rdpstudio_ & @Codykminer

See you in the next installment of the Student Showcase!

UCLA SOAA Summer Arts Program

FORM Academy created by UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture supports art education and college aspirations with exercises in “Dreaming Identity.”

The Sculpture Lab in the Broad Art Center was abuzz with activity this summer with preparations for a very special exhibit. But instead of UCLA students creating works of bronze, ceramic, and other traditional media for their respective portfolios, the young artists, who were culled from underserved high schools in Los Angeles, were shaping something less tangible yet by no means less significant: dreams of developing their artistic talent and an understanding of what it means to go to college.


Barbara Drucker, SOAA Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Arts Education, and Michael Aguilar, a UCLA Community School student, discuss his project in the Broad Sculpture Lab at UCLA.

Barbara Drucker, Associate Dean of Community Engagement & Arts Education in UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture, is the founding director of the Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE). While leading VAPAE, she established and spearheaded a number of arts education programs that provide UCLA students the opportunity to work with diverse populations of school-age children and youth, such as “Classroom-in-Residence” at the Hammer Museum.  This summer, Drucker, along with Ben Refuerzo, Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the School of Arts and Architecture created the FORM (Fabricate, Originate, Reimagine, and Make) Academy. They saw a need for more quality summer arts experiences in low-income schools. For this inaugural program, the theme of “Dreaming Identity” guided the six-day academy, which was held Aug. 1-6 at UCLA.

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