Studio Shanghai-Tokyo, June 23 to July 15

Looking for a summer program for this summer? Check out the HKU Cities in Asia Summer Program.


Studio Shanghai-Tokyo, June 23 to July 15

Cities in Asia Summer Program: Studio Shanghai-Tokyo, June 23 to July 15

HKU Cities in Asia program is pleased to announce that registration for this year’s Cities in Asia Summer Program is now open. The credit-bearing HKU course was established in 2010 to focus on urgent architectural and urban issues confronting Asian cities today. This year, the studio will be traveling to Shanghai and Tokyo. The program is an immersive course designed to expose students to these cities through daily learning activities including lectures, seminars, studio crits, field work, firm visits, and design reviews. The nature of work ranges from critical reading of texts and individual assignments, to design and research collaborations. Students will get to interact with professors, researchers, critical practices, think tanks and various local stakeholders, as well as with students from other universities.

This program welcomes all university students and recent graduates with an interest in issues around industrialization of the city, and broader challenges facing urban development in these unique Asian contexts.

The deadline for enrollment is April 20, 2018. For more details about eligibility and application, please visit:

Please do not hesitate to contact the program secretary Olivia Lai for queries: For additional architecture summer programs at HKU, please visit: