AIA #ilookup Film Challenge - Voting Open for People's Choice

The American Institute of Architect’s third annual I Look Up Film Challenge invites architects and filmmakers to collaborate in bringing architectural stories to life. This year’s challenge calls for films that highlight projects and architects that are helping to change communities for the better.

From 9/21/2017 – 10/06/2017 Voting is open to the public. Choose the film that resonates with you.

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Here are some examples from graduates of Architecture:

Graduates of Architecture of NYIT, Dan Horn and his team created a film about a community in the Philippines studying resilience strategies.

Category: Community Revitalization
Description: The ORLI+ video for the ‘I Look Up Film Challenge’ explores a blueprint for better where design professionals work hand in hand with communities in need, offering technical expertise at a time where climate induced disasters are becoming the new normal for coastal communities around the world. By empowering grassroots movements within at-risk communities and leveraging the strengths of existing culture, design professionals can help proliferate long term, holistic community resilience in the places and for the people that need it most. Driven by their own experiences living through Super-storm Sandy in 2012, and by the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, ORLI+ has been working with local communities on the Filipino island of Siargao. The goal is to leverage the strong youth surfing and skateboarding culture of Siargao into an opportunity to design and construct a new community center that will be constructed in the common built-language of the area, but with more resilient construction practices as an example of resilient building techniques for the island. The hope is to utilize the energy surrounding the new community center to catalyze further long-term environmental resilience movements in the area ranging from the built environment all the way to the health of the local reef systems.
Team: Daniel Horn, Alex Alaimo, Austin Reed, Leonel Ponce, Eric Olson
Filmed by: Luke Askelson and Daniel Horn
Category: Homelessness
Description: Homelessness in Los Angeles has increased 23% since 2016. The MADWORKSHOP Homeless Studio at the USC School of Architecture decided to do something about it. Our homeless epidemic is more than a humanitarian crisis, it is a call for action. This short film tells the story of eleven 4th year architecture students and their two instructors’ journey through the world of homelessness as they tackle real world design solutions for emergency stabilization housing. From nomadic and temporary shelters to the city supported and award winning Homes for Hope, the film follows the MADWORKSHOP Homeless Studio and their designs from the encampment all the way to City Hall. The Homeless are always thinking about architecture. It’s time we started thinking about them.
Category: Community Revitalization
Description: Auburn University’s Rural Studio program is changing the way students and community look at architecture.
Make sure to cast your vote by October 6th, 2017!