Where Architecture Stands on Racial Inequality


Where Architecture Stands on Racial Inequality

From the staff and volunteers of Study Architecture

We stand in support of justice, equality, and human rights for all and deplore the continual acts of violence against African Americans, including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. Black Lives Matter. Protests over the last two weeks have called attention to this violence as well as to the history of systemic inequality experienced by people of color and Native/Indigenous people. We acknowledge that the architectural education community has a responsibility to help change the direction of this history and the systems that cause it. 

Some of our readers experience racism daily, while for others exploring racial issues will be new. We at Study Architecture and ACSA (our parent organization) are learning more about historical systems of oppression and are reflecting on where we can change architectural education. We have more to learn and more work to do. 

Our Commitment

Study Architecture is committed to making architectural education more accessible, inclusive, and equitable for prospective students. From our growing understanding of overt and covert forms of racism and white privilege, we acknowledge the need for a comprehensive review of policies, programs, and procedural norms in ACSA and our member schools to eradicate long-standing inequities. 

Moving forward, we will continue to use our forums to increase understanding and empower action. 

    + To find out more, read the full ACSA statement